SOLD! IS: Páfi frá Kjarri IS2012187003

This horse is sold!
Páfi frá Kjarri, IS2012187003

F: Tinni frá Kjarri (8.45)

FF: Sjóli frá Dalbæ (8.66)

FM: Jónina frá Hala (8.13)

M: Nunna frá Bræðratungu (8.02)

MF: Páfi frá Kirkjubær (8.19)

MM: Hlaða-Stjarna frá Bræðratungu

Blup index 109 Fizo score 8.24, which makes Páfi first prize!
He is located in Selfoss, Iceland

Can you describe the character of this horse?
Very sweet and loves cuddles. Páfi is the only horse in the stable that prefers to get his nose scratched during feeding time. He is a polite stallion that stays calm around other horses. Páfi loves attention and is always motivated to work with the rider

What is the most memorable moment together?
Páfi makes every day a little better with his friendly and goofy character. Competing on him is fun but endless rides in high-speed Tölt with him is something everyone that ever tried him loved.

How is Páfi as a riding horse?
Páfi is fivegaited and all gaits are well separated and evenly good. Páfi has always clear beated tölt up to high speed and easy to ride in flying pace. Still, his basic gaits are very good and he could also take part in fourgait tests. Páfi has much power and is always eager to go fast but is always easy to regulate. He knows all basic dressage exercises.

What is the highest score of the horse?
6.60 in V2, 6.10 in F2, 8.51 in B-Flokkur and Páfi is judged with 8.24 in FIZO breeding, so he is first prize. With 9 on hooves and 8,5 on walk, spirit and tölt.

What makes this horse so special?
His fun character combined with endless power and evenly good gaits that makes him both a super riding horse and a competition horse in almost every test.

What is Páfi best at?

Why is it time for you to part?
Unfortunately, you can’t keep them all. We are a breeding farm and want to find the perfect place for our horses when we raised and educated them.

Can you sketch the perfect owner for Páfi?
An ambitious rider that searches for his future competition horse but still wants to have a super fun riding horse for endless trail rides.


This horse is sold!

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