SOLD DE: Hugur von der Elschenau DE2014163927

This horse is sold!
Hugur von der Elschenau – DE2014163927

V: Ljómi von der Elschenau

VV.: Hlynur frá Kjarnholtum I 

M: Hafndís vom Wiesenhof

MV: Gjafar frá Hafsteinsstöðum

Blub index 102

Location of the horse: Heidberghof – Dohm-Lammersdorf – Germany

How did you meet this horse?
Hugur came to Heidberghof four weeks ago to be trained further and to be sold. His breeders have known them since the day he was born.

Can you describe the character of this horse?
Hugur ist a happy horse with a pleasant willingness. He wants to learn new things and he is open for adventure. Being around him he wants to be your best friend. His ears are always towards you and he loves the contact. He is gentle, funny and has an open character. He is a happy, steady and an honest horse.

How long have you had Hugur?
Since he was born, he is 6 years old now.

What is the most memorable moment together?
Everyday training him are memorable moments.

How is Hugur as a riding horse?
Hugur is professionally trained and had a stable basic education with a lot of groundwork. Until now, he has only experienced positive things. He can be ridden in the arena or in the woods as a pleasure horse. He also has enough talent to become a competition horse. He has a lot of tölt with a clear beat. He will be a good horse for T2 (loose rein), fivegait or pace disciplines. He is not afraid off anything, walks in the trailer easily and is friendly to be around. Hugur has a friendly and open character. He has a good mind with average temperament.

What is the highest score of the horse?
He has not participated in shows or competitions yet due to his young age. But besides that, he is a great pleasure horse we see him as a talented fivegaited horse with al lot off great clear tölt and fast pace.

What makes this horse so special?
He is open and funny to be around and under the saddle, he is willing to work and wants to please his rider.

What is Hugur best at?
He is a perfect allrounder.

Why is it time for you to part?
We are breeders so now it´s time to start working with a young horse. Since we don´t sell our horses ourselves, so we brought Hugur to Heidberghof to be trained and sold.

Can you sketch the perfect owner for Hugur?
Hugur is a perfect horse for a clear rider. He could be ridden from a child or an adult, male or a female. Clearness is the most important thing for him because he sometimes can be a bit of a clown who tries out the rider in a funny way. But Hugur is always honest and fair! Although we really cannot say anything negative about Hugur, he is not a horse for beginners. For beginners, he might be a little too powerful although he would never run.


This horse is sold!

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