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SOLD AT: Spyrnir fra Søholm DK2010101020

Name of the horse and FEIF ID:


V: IS2003187767 – Örn frá Efri-Gegnishólum,

M: IS1990256276 – Svala …

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Day 3 at DIM: Final decisions on the pacetrack, Lisa in the lead in V1!

The sunny third day at the German Championships 2020 started with the preliminaries in fourgait. Lisa Drath and her marvelous white geldi…

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Day 2 at DIM: Jolly, Beggi and Sigurður Óli in the lead

The first half of the second day at Heesberg brought an exciting preliminary in Tölt T2. The lead was taken very early by host Daniel Sch…

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Day 1 at DIM: Vicky wins PP1, Karly in the lead in T1

Today was the first day of the German Championships, which take place on Gestüt Heesberg, the farm of Daniel and Ina Schulz. Many of the …

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Nathalie Schmid: Icelandic horses in Bella Italia

When we think of Icelandic horses we mainly think of Iceland, Scandinavia and western Europe. But the Icelandic horse is also present in …

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